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The Golden Urn

The Golden Urn

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Handmade in Colorado ~ Limited Edition (only 10 made)

Handmade in Colorado, the Golden is crafted from locally-sourced oak burl combined with beautifully finished epoxy resin. A true piece of art put together by a master craftsman. Each box will look different than the one pictured, so if you'd like to see the variations available please contact us after ordering. Available in black, ocean blue and grey. The urn can be opened using a latch mechanism as pictured. A plastic bag will be provided with each box to store the cremains. 

Only 10 urns produced of each color variation. 

We're deeply sorry for your loss.  


- Capacity: can hold up to 200lbs in pre-cremation weight | 200 cubic inches 
- Dimensions: 9" L X 6.5" H X 5" W

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Contemporary Design

We created our collection to seamlessly fit in within a modern home while honoring our loved ones.

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